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James and Emma Stanley.

Party Puzzling is created by James Stanley and Emma Stanley.

Part Puzzling makes unique and memorable 3D-printed puzzles that are perfect for any party. Give one to each of your guests as a fun activity to add to the day. Each puzzle contains a QR code which claims a spot on your private online leaderboard, lending the activity a small competitive aspect, and you can even give a prize to the winner. After the event everyone can take their puzzle home as a memento of the day.

It started at James and Emma's wedding. There was something of a chess theme, and James, always the puzzle enthusiast, designed a 3D-printed, chess-themed, maze puzzle. We didn't have enough time to make one for every guest, so we made one between two, and handed them out just before dinner.

A partygoer solves a puzzle.

For extra fun, we set up an online leaderboard and put a QR code inside each puzzle. They were a big hit with the guests, who were caught completely unawares, with no idea that there would be puzzles to solve. A bottle of champagne was handed to the winner, who shared it among the group on her table.

We realised that this is an idea that others might enjoy as well, so we refined the puzzle mechanism, designed more themes, and created Party Puzzling. Now you too can add these unique and memorable puzzles to your party.

They're suitable for stag and hen parties and birthday parties, in addition to weddings, as well as any other kind of celebration you might want to elevate.

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